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Azusa Pacific ELMSN Summer 2021 Cohort


Specializes in Adult-Gerontology.

Hello you beautiful people!

I just wanted to start this thread here for those accepted into Summer 2021! We got more than a year to eagerly anticipate the start of our nursing journey but I wanted to reach out and meet some of those who are also accepted in Summer 2021! Hopefully we can start a group on facebook or any other social media~ Can't wait to meet all of you!

I actually applied to Spring 2021 but was placed in Summer 2021 for the Azusa campus!

Stay safe out there~


Specializes in Adult-Gerontology.

If you want to join our growing facebook group, look up "APU ELM Azusa Cohort 114 Summer 2021" on facebook! Come join the fam~

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