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Need to vent a little.

If you had gone to Travel Nurse Depot.com and put in your company requirements,which for me included a 3% 401k match Axis popped up with links to either Benefits or website.If you went to benefits it would have shown paid housing,insurance,travel.

I am now paying $70 week health ins,when I e-mailed the company OWNER, she had the benefits part of the TND info removed. My last e-mail to her last week has been ignored. I told her to cancel the ins and she has not done it.

Now 6 weeks into my contract I finally have a 401k deduction,[didn't send me paperwork with my original package],and they are telling me the matching will not show up on a paystub. It ALWAYS is shown on a paystub with any hospital/company.ALWAYS.

If you do not take the Tax Ad programme then they pay your housing/ins.But of course you get paid peanuts.

They are not taking CA state tax out???.but they are taking GA witholding. ???

When I initially asked for my travel allowance as stated on the website.I was informed "It isn't on our website" They removed the "Airfare or travel allowance" from the website front page but forgot to remove it from the FAQ section. Which of course I printed and faxed to them...

After multiple,multiple e-mails regarding Travel Allowance,my recruiter is trying to tell me it's included in the TA programme. Although they have already paid another nurse I work with the standard $500.

So out of the 6 weeks I have been here in CA on assignment I have been e-mailing this company for 5 weeks trying to get them to get there s--- togeather and do their jobs..

Worked Memorial Day,not showing up on paystub,another problem to solve.

I am enjoying the housing [340/wk I pay],hospital and general area.

But all in all this company is not performing well at all.And I do not recommend them. And will not use them again!!!!!!

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Have you worked for any local agencies in GA? I am transferring my OH license and am presently not in nursing. I would like to work weekends to get my skill set back. I worked Telemetry with some ICU and CCVU care.

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