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avoid the virus a nurse


I am a 65 y/o nurse, with almost 30 years of experience in acute care nursing. I currently work at a level one trauma center, but would like to retire in June. It goes without saying that l working in a large hospital, at our level of acuity, the chances of obtaining such virus is high. We not only deal with the general public, but also a large number of the homeless population.

If, for example, we tested our nursing staff, and found that 25%-40% of the "nursing staff" were positive, it would create, needless to say, chaos in that staff, and beyond.

Our own governor, stated today, if you are 60+ and not feeling comfortable about going to work, and feel that you are at an elevated risk, than you should be able to stay home. He went on to say, I am currently working on a budget that would provide additional funds for medical staff, like nurses over 60, that would allow them to remain home for a duration. Later, he said something ironic, asking retired nurses to return and help out.

Nurse with concerns


Specializes in Emergency Room. Has 15 years experience.

This is such a struggle. I am not over 60, but am at high risk of complications. I am off work now on FMLA for a bit but struggling with it. My hospital was not going to do anything for high risk nurses, I had to do it on my own after appealing to my doctor. I am not sure what will happen after my FMLA runs out. In my state, I may be able to get unemployment after my PTO runs out but we will see. Day by day. I feel really bad about the whole thing. I have kids and family depending on me. Everyone is having to make tough decisions. Hang in there!