Average UNLV acceptance score?


I have a question for those who have gotten into UNLV nursing program. I understand that the BSN calculation sheet totals at 155 points - 15 pts for attempts at certain science/math/nursing classes, 40 points for GPA, and 100 points for the HESI a2 exam. What are people getting in with? I will have 143 points. I got a 93% overall on the Hesi exam - should I take it again to try and get closer to 100%?



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I think you have a really good chance!! The pool of students varies each semester so it really depends on other's scores as well. It's a competition of whom gets the highest scores. It is up to you whether you want to give it another try and aim higher. I'm not sure if there is a penalty in taking Hesi A2 twice. I suggest you call UNLV PreNursing Dept. But Im almost positive you'll get in!!! Good Luck!! :up:


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You are so worried and that is okay, because you did an awesome job on the Hesi and you have 143 points out of 155. You shouldn't be worried about anything. Those scores show a student who is well prepared and took alot of time to attain and maintain high scores for entry into a BSN program.


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I may be wrong, but according to my calculations sheet, you had to have added incorrectly. The maximum number of points possible is 112.3. I believe your mistake may be in the HESI A2 score. If you get the calculations sheet from the SON website, it should explain how to do it. Good luck.