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Does anyone know the average pt ratios in hospitals that are in Southeastern MI such as Sinai Grace, Providence St John or Oakwood or others . I am currently at a DMC hospital where the pt ratio on the afternoon shift can reach 8-9 pts. I have seen 10 pts for one RN/ PCA . Is this normal for hospitals in this area to have these ratios?


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I was originally living in Michigan and moved to Indiana b/c the hospital I am currently working at has really good nurse/pt ratios. On my floor (medical) we take 4 pt's during the day and on evenings we take 4-5, and nights take five. During my clinical experiences (I went to school in MI) I found that the majority of the hospitals have very high nurse/pt ratios. Where I'm living is very close to the MI border and I'm still close to my family, only about 20 miles away. I know that things can get really stressful on my floor and I only have to take care of 4 patients. I can't imagine doing it with 8-9! At my hospital our floor is the one that has the highest nurse/pt ratios. I know the other floor usually take around 3. I wish you luck in finding a hospital that has less nurse/pt ratios.

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