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What is the average hours you all work as a nursing instructor a week, and the average hours one works as a nurse educator for a hospital. Also what is the salary of a nurse instructor vs. nurse educator and if you get paid hourly what is that amount for a nurse instructor vs. nurse educator. I know nurse instructors work long hours but is it possible to be done with work by 5pm if you come to work a couple hours early? What d you guys do to get all your work done in a timely manner?


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As an ADN instructor, I worked ~ 70 to 80 hours per week. My pay was in the low 40's and this was for a year-round salary.

As a BSN instructor, my workload is ~ 40-50 hours per week for 9 mos salary and the pay is in the low 50's.

Hope this helps.

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I work for a hospital in an area with a cost of living is about average. MSN prepared educators in my hospital work 40-45 hours per week and have a salary range of abour 55K to 85K depending on their years of experience in an advanced role.

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