Authorization to test in Ohio


For all of you new RN's in Ohio, how long did it take to get your ATT after your school sent the info to the OBN? Our school waited 3 weeks to send our verification letters to the OBN. I need to test by the end of the month and I'm wondering if that will be possible...


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I graduated Nov 20, our letters went out the Nov 22, received my ATT Dec 7 and I tested Dec 20. I could have tested as early as Dec 9. However, some of my classmates did not receive their ATT until Dec 14 week. You may be able to test by the end of the month, but that all depends on whether the test sites have appointment times available. I live in an area with 4 sites within a 1 hour drive, so I was able to get an appointment easily. If you can be flexible about the testing location you will have a better chance of testing by your deadline.


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i was eligible to test about 3 weeks after my school sent in the forms. unfortunately, depending on where you live, all the spots might be already taken for the month of april by the time you get the ok to sign up.