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Hi everyone!

I'm an Australian, wanting to study (and then eventually work for a few years) in the US.

My main question is not regarding visas but rather, have any other Aussie nationals undertaken this endeavour of studying nursing in the US?

Here's the breakdown:

1. I am an Australian citizen

2. I hold a Bachelor's in Behavioural Science (Clinical Psychology) with a minor in French. What I have previously studied is irrelevant, however it is relevant in that I would be eligible for either entry level masters (ELM), and accelerate BSN (designed for degree holders), or a second Baccalaureate BSN - of course depending on what colleges offer what.

3. Yes, I would obviously be more economic (and not to mention, more or less free for me to study nursing here in Australia) but I'd like to experience something different.

4. If anyone has had experience of studying in he US as an international - what is the normal course of action regarding prerequisites?

Apply directly to the college for nursing, gain acceptance, apply for a visa, move and then do prerequisites prior to enrolment? Or apply for a visa, move, do prerequisites, then apply to a nursing college?

5. In terms of applications - I am a little confused to when deadlines close. I suppose this depends on what college and of course, when you'd like to start. Ideally, I would want to start fall 2013 - if I've missed that boat, then 2014 is also a viable option.

I know this is all sounding like a crazy pipe dream right now, but I'd like to hear from anyone with experience or advice (perhaps advice other than 'don't bother!').

I posted something similar to this in an expat forum - I am aware that a US nursing qualification would be a pain to transfer back into a Oz qualification but I may not want to work as a nurse in Australia in a few years anyway.

Anyway, I hope this post yields some interesting comments and advice!


N.B. Regarding visas (cross that bridge when I get to it) - I know many people say you should study in the place you want to work in, and for me at the moment, that is the US.

I know that under the I-20 visa, I can work for a year in the US after graduation (obviously no guarantee of employment), go back to Oz and then reapply to the US with an E3 which is specifically for skilled Australians.

Sorry if there are any typos - typing away in a hurry on my phone!

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