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Hello! I am a registered nurse in Australia with 3 years of work experience in Psychiatric nursing. I'm trying to get licensed as a registered nurse in the state of Washington, and went through the whole CGFNS CES process. The WA state Board of Nursing said I was lacking OB clinical and coursework. I've been in contact with community colleges in Washington, however I've been told that the course would require me to apply for an F-1 visa, and the community college would give an I-20 form for me to take to the consular when interviewing for the F-1 visa to take the course. And now I've found out from the community college that the OB course would not allow me to be eligible for an I-20 form.  Is there any institution in Australia that offers the OB course I'm lacking? Has anyone had success obtaining a WA state nursing license from Australia? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I've been in this application process with WA state since July of 2023, and it seems like I've come to a halt at any progress I can make here.. Thanks!

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