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Any input on Austin, TX hospitals and/or what it is like there? My husband has a bee in his bonnet about going there.........

I don't know anything about the travel agencies coming here but I can tell you about the city itself. Austin has two major hospital chains, both Catholic. Seton is the non-profit mothership harboring Dell Childrens and Brackenridge among others. Brack is the original Austin Hospital run by the Sisters of Charity since the 1800s. They have large hospitals all over town. St. Davids is the Not-for-Profit (meaning the money the get goes back into services offered). They have recently taken over Austin Heart Hospital and have several branches all over town as well. Their clientele seems to be slightly better off but no one is turned away from either system. In the burbs you have Scott and White mostly covering the northern end like Round Rock, Georgetown, Temple, Taylor... All are good hospitals. Brackenridge would be the inner city challenge, along with St. Davids Medical Center. All three systems are on line. Good luck! PS: Austin is NOT a shortage area. If you're a new nurse, come with your claws sharpened and expect to hunt for a job for a while. Of course, you're a traveller. That's not the case. Duh.

Thanks for the good info, IndiKast! How is the city, otherwise? I know there is a good music "scene" and a funky vibe thing going on....; what about other culture, restaurants, bars, tourist-y opportunities? Thanks!!

Oh we got it going on! Austin is a liberal town in a conservative state. Funny thing is its the seat of a government very proud of its history. So proud in fact that you'll almost never see the USA flag flown without the Texas flag beside it, and just as high, as is our constitutional right due to being a country for 10 years first. FYI, every 7th grader can tell you that much. South and Central Austin is where you'll find all the little small businessess unique to Austin like Antonelli's Cheese Shoppe, Banannarchy, Armadillo Christmas Bazarr, and of course my favorite Amy's Ice Cream. North Austin is a bit more like what you'll see in Dallas or Houston, but our vibe is still laid back. We are a hippy town with a distinctly civilized urban appeal. Oh, we are a no smoking city too. Bars, businesses, etc. You should see the Dellites walk across their acerage to get to the sidewalk to smoke! :lol2:

Thanks Indikast-you have been most helpful!

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