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I have been accepted to the Fall 2009 ADN program. I have to choose between online or CEC and don't know what to do. My main issue is that I have a two-year old daughter for whom I have childcare coverage during the day until about 2:30 pm. I'm trying to decide if the online program would provide more flexibility for me to be able to utilize my time studying lecture material on my own versus in the classroom. However, it looks like if you are in the online program that sometimes you have to go out to the CYP campus and that would take an hour for me to get out there as I live in South Austin. Is there anyone out there who has gone the online route who could describe their experience with their labs and clinicals. Did you have to drive out to CYP? Otherwise, did you do your labs at EVC? Where did you do your clinicals?


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I live up in round rock and I am headed into Level 2 this Fall. I am an online student and it has been awesome. I highly recommend the online program. Most everything is done at EVC so don't worry about the CYP stuff. I believe in Level 2 you have to go to CYP for a few weeks but it is not the whole semester. I have three kids (5,3,1) and I have had time to be a mom AND do school because of the online program. Those who are in the on-site programs really spend all day everyday together M-F. I don't have to do that. Many people in the online program are even able to continue their full time jobs while doing school. Helen and Janice who are the Level 1 online instructors are amazing. I did my clinicals at South Austin medical center which was hard for me b/c I live way up north, but it still worked out great and once again....I didn't have to miss out on being a mom (in fact, I was able to keep up breastfeeding my baby throughout the whole semester). I am not the best online student but I was able to pull it off with ease. So I am all about the online program and say go for it.


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Thank you, gibber! I really appreciate the feedback! Congratulations on breastfeeding while doing your schoolwork. And good luck to you during the rest of your coursework for the ADN. I did choose online. I'm excited and nervous. Plus, we really want to have another child and so I am going to see how the first few weeks of level 1 go and then we would like to end up having another baby between level 2 and 3 (next summer). I can't decide if I will take some time off (I know you can take off up to a year) maybe one semester and then just plow through with two little kids and LIFE! Thank you again for your response!

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