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Attn: Dublin Nurses

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I've been hoping to get some inside info on nursing in Dublin from nurses working in both the private and public sector. I thought I'd turn to allnurses first, in hopes that some of you lovely people would allow me to pick your brain and give me some advice.

I am a licensed RN in the US with over 2 years of experience (previously telemetry, and currently intensive care). I plan on moving to Dublin in early 2013. I've already paid for and received my application to An Bord Altranais,which I will be returning to them within the year period that is allowed. Once I've relocated, my boyfriend and I will begin the process of obtaining a DeFacto Partnership Visa. I think I've got a pretty good grasp of the "paperwork" end of the deal (though of course if I'm missing anything, do let me know). I'm looking for more details on nursing in Ireland, specifically Dublin (What are your responsibilities? What kind of facility do you work in? What hours do you work? Etc).

Keep in mind, I'm aware that I have no chance of working in the public sector as the situation stands. I think I'm ultimately wondering what my choices will be.

In summary, I look forward to hearing from any Irish nurses who are willing to chat with me and provide some insight. Whenever I'm over visiting, I wish I had some kind of nursing network to get together with who could talk to me about frontline experience, but instead I wind up in a conversation with someone who knows someone who's a nurse or someone who's mother was a nurse. Not very helpful, as you can imagine.

Private messages welcome.