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I have a favor to ask . . .

While I had planned on moving to North Carolina to be trained as a CRNA, life has thrown a curve ball-- I will most likely need to stay in my current area: north Alabama.

If you attend or have graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham's Nurse Anesthesia program, please let me know your impressions!

1) What was the intensity?

2) The quality of instructors and curriculum.

3) Its strengths and weaknesses?

4) Any other helpful or interesting information!

Let me just say that I am so happy I've changed directions in my career and am on my way to the profession of my dreams! Nursing school has been a wonderful challenge, and I'm chomping at the bit to get cracking at graduate school.

Thanks immensely,



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I know you asked about UAB; however, you may want to check into the new program at Samford University in B'ham. I am in their first class which started this past fall. It is a great program started by a couple of folks who were at UAB.

Just a suggestion.



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I have my first ever interview with Samford in the morning:uhoh3: I have also reactivated my application for UAB this year.


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1) front loaded program (all classwork for 2 semesters and then 18 months of clinical rotations), very high intensity.

2) Instructors are all highly qualified experts in their clinical field. The curriculum is very challenging, and you are required to maintain a B average.

3) Strengths are numerous, but a couple off hand are: flexibility of clinical sites in and around Birmingham and also in several other parts of the state; UAB has an incredible reputation for all aspects of medicine and the CRNA program has proven itself as one of the best for many, many years . Only weakness I can think of is that your class size is very large 60-70 students. I think Samford only has about 25.

4) It is a very competitive program. Make sure you have plenty of critical care experience and at least a 3.5 GPA (they ask for a 3.0, but you really need a 3.5 to rank among most applicants)

Good luck!


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I think UAB has a great program from graduates and friends that are currently in the program. The interviews that I have attended with them(UAB) in the past were almost overwhelming compared to the Samford interview last week. But UAB is a really top notch program.

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