Attention:infusion Clinic At Kaiser


Hello, All!

I have few question? I was at kaiser today and saw this job opening for RN-Infusion Clinic. I am thinking of applying but before I do so I'd like to know how it is working as an RN in an Infusion Clinic especially at Kaiser. The job posting states its a M-F (8-5) and requires Med-Surg experience ( which I have) and ACLS certified (which I am). What is the difference between working as a bedside nurse (hospital) and at the Infusion clinic (the pace, pay, nurse-patient ratio)? What is day-to-day job like? How do they split the assignment? How's the orientation/training like? Beside Blood products, IV antibitiocs, IGg's, and pain meds, what else do you infuse/give the infusion center? I mean do they also give chemo drugs? I really appreciate your feedback with this. Thank you! :nurse:

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