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I'm a philly RN that is looking to relocate in July this summer to CA. By July I will have 2 years of med-surg experience under my belt. I want to work in the ICU. I am unsure as to which city to reside in, what hospitals to apply to, which hospitals offer tuition reimbursement for NP degrees?

1.) Which city/location(s) in Cali offer the most competitive salary for a first level ICU nurse?

2.) I don't mind commuting to work via train. Which towns near San Fran offer cost of living for a 1-bedroom?

3.) What are some reputable hospitals that have outstanding ICU's?

Thanks for all your advice and time in addressing my questions!!!:rolleyes:


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I am an ICU nurse in so cal but in LA county not in Orange or San diego counties. I can tell you though that many hospitals in this area do take travelers in the ICU. It is a good idea to check out the hospitals first. The problem is though that you need to be trained in ICU before you can be an ICU traveler. There are many hospitals in the area that offer excellent ICU training programs with classroom and clinical hours. But I would come check out the hospital and talk with the staff before choosing. Many of the ICU programs want you to agree to stay for a few years to "repay" your long training program and you don't want to get stuck somehwere you don't like. Also be careful with only looking at the pay and relocation packages. Some of the higher paying hospitals are the worst ones for RN satisfaction and support of their staff. Touring and talking to staff will let you see what the hospital is really like.

I will be graduating in June, would like to know which RN graduate programs are good. I am interested in ICU and live in Los angeles, any advice

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