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Hi everyone,

I applied for and won a sponsorship to attend an out-of-province conference happening at the end of next week. I have never been to a conference before and I don't know how they work.

Can anyone give me a general idea of what to expect and/or what I should bring?

There will be a job fair as well, which is a little irrelevant for me as a 3rd-year student but it might be a good opportunity to pick the brains of recruiters and find out how to differentiate myself once I graduate. If you have any tips on speaking to recruiters, or smart questions to ask, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

I've never attended a nursing or health care conference (second career student here) but I've attended plenty in other fields. Generally all you really need to bring are business cards for networking...since you're a student, you probably won't need them but it might not hurt to make up a simple one with your contact info, and expected degree and graduation date. Other than that, bring a tote bag and something for taking notes at seminars, but often they will even hand out notepads, pens, and even bags at things like this. Look at the agenda ahead of time to find out what kinds of sessions you'll be attending and then you can find out if you actually need to bring any specific supplies.

Specializes in MPH Student Fall/14, Emergency, Research.

Thank you for the help :)

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