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Attaining my license abroad???

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Hey all,

I have a few serious questions about attaining my nursing degree abroad, and was wondering if any of you could possibly help me in figuring this out. Im a US Citizen, but wanting to go abroad to Sweden or NZ to study for my degree. I currently am in the pre nursing program at my local university and i keep hearing of people going to other countries to gain there nursing licences. How does someone go about getting into a decent foreign university and what hurdles are set in place that i will need to overcome. I just want to study in other countries and before I chose to go into nursing I had set plans to, but then the economy tanked and I chose a different life path that so far has been absolutely amazing and very intriguing. Sorry for my incessant rambling I just got off a 16 hour shift at work... gotta love the awesome nursing hours. Anyways back to the topic at hand. Im sure that there is someone out there that has traveled abroad to study and that hopefully will see this and offer me some decent advice. Again thank you for your time!!! hope to hear from you :yawn:

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