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Hello all,

I am getting ready to start my first travel assignment in Atlanta GA at Piedmont Hospital on Nov. 28th. I am familiar with Atlanta and it's one of my favorite cities to visit in fact I visit all of the time so it was a no brainer to want to to do my first assignment there. However little did I know Atlanta has major issues with apartment and car break ins I mean major!!! it is at an all time high right now. Very scary for a single female. As many times as I have been to ATL, never did I realize how bad it was nor have I ever felt unsafe. But visiting for a few days in a secured hotel compared to living in an apartment for 3 months is completely different and I see that now (Rookie mistake not to research the crime before signing a contract) I honestly had no idea until I began searching for apartments and subleases and reading the reviews. Even the nicest communities and expensive high rise apartments with "secured parking garages" and concierges.. even apartment complexes far out into the county are all dealing with this issue. The apartment communities that my agency works with I even went over that list and read the reviews and they are dealing with break ins. Had I known all of this I would not have signed that contract but I thinks it's too late now and need some suggestions on where to safely stay in Atlanta. All suggestions/ help is appreciated.

Also any advice on if I had to back out of the contract.. is it even possible? Will I owe money? Is it too late? My start date is Nov. 28th and I opted to take the housing stipend so the agency hasn't had to come out of pocket for that. Again any advice is appreciated.

sorry for the long post

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