ATI vs. Kaplan

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Hi Everyone,

I need advise on which review course works best. I'm taking the boards for the second time and don't know which one to choose. :uhoh3: Unfortunately, I've been out of the field for some time due to my grandfather being struck with cancer. Now that he is resting in peace I feel I need to get back and complete what I've started. I tried Kaplan after I failed my first attempt but due to work demands I couldn't finish the course because I wasn't able to meet with the class. At that time, they didn't have online. I almost finished the course but I felt the course was coming straight out of their review book at that time. :rolleyes: We had different instructors and they all taught differently. I got some knowledge out of it but I don't know if it was enough. The classroom experience was just ok but not what I expected for the amount of money spent. Since my work demands are a little under control I need to find an online course. I found ATI and understand Kaplan has an online course as well. So before I invest more money and time, I wanted to ask for anyone's experience and advise on either course review. Thank you for your time.

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