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Hi , I just took my ati exit pn and I feel so defeated. tomorrow i find out my result but i feel like I guessed through half of the exam. I was told to do saunders nclex questions and I would be ok but I felt that the saunders questions were too easy compared to the ATI. On the event that I have to retake the exam, Which review is best ATI Virtual or Kaplan? My bestfriend told me to do Kaplan that he passed doing Kaplan and I am also looking into doing virtual ati. Any advice would be appreciated.

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VATI, I didnt like. My school paid for VATI thru entire program.

Try Kaplan or NCSBN learningext

Saundars is good book for contents.

Good luck

Thank you for the advice , I passed my exit exam. 98 percent probability of passing my boards on first try!! I guess the anxiety did not let me see past the fact that I actually was doing well. Lesson learned. I studied non stop for 3 weeks saunders and I did NCSBN Learning text I paid for the 50 dollar 3 week access to the questions. Those questions helped me alot in terms of thinking and saunders was just good for the content.

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How did you like NCSBN? I plan to do that soon :)

I liked NCSBN it was more like priority type questions such as what would you do FIRST or what is the NEXT intervention the nurse will do. The questions were more critical thinking than the saunders, Saunders is more knowledge based questions which for me were too easy. My classmates used Kaplan I heard it was good with critical thinking questions and the questions were similar to NCLEX style.

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Ok that's what I need to review.

Thank you :-)

hey mjaybx ,just wanted to know if u liked center for allied nursing .Been accepted for the fall semester but i've read some bad stuff about the mental health instructor etc.I also read that materials are taught after exams therefore making students fail.I really dont wanna waste my time ,and money.pls help

I used VATI for my NCLEX review because I paid for it as part of my school tuition. I did nothing else - just that. I passed with 85 questions. I think any review program is fine if you apply yourself.

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