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ATI Critical Thinking Exam


Hey everyone, this is my first post on here but I wanted to get everyones input being pre nursing students! I took my ATI critical thinking exam today at the nursing school of my dreams and the advisor told us before we started that we needed a score in the high 60's and I got an 80! It says that nationally I am in the 90th percentile ranking and for the school itself I am in the 86th percentile so what do you guys think? Is an 80 considered a high score and give me a better chance of being accepted? I have been freaking out since I got my score because I want to get an acceptance letter so bad!

Let me also add that I currently have a 3.6 GPA hoping that will go up after this semester I am apart of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society I am in the honors program at my college and have taken honors classes and my pre req classes this far goes as follows

Essentials of Biology - A

English I - A

Intro to Psych - A-

English II - A

A&P I - B+

Honors Statistics - A

Sociology - A -

A&P II - A

Chemistry - B-

Developmental Psych - taking in the summer

Microbiology - taking in the summer

I just have been freaking out about what my chances of getting in to this school will be

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How would we know? We don't know what the school is nor its admissions criteria.

What has the admissions office told you about their selection process?

No need to be rude was asking what people thought my chances were based off their experiences so no need to comment if you're going to be rude