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ATI Comprehensive Predictor PN Form A vs Form B

by codbo1 codbo1 (New) New

Hey everyone I am going to be taking my ATI Comprehensive Predictor (our school's exit exam for the LPN program) finally. I was just curious about a few things. Is there any BIG difference between Form A and Form B? The practice tests our class has been doing so far have all been Forum B, so I am assuming there is a good chance we will take that version. But, Forum B has a few questions with pictures and arranging interventions in the correct sequence which I have trouble on. I am curious, is Form A is like that just in case we do not take the other version. I was debating on buying the ATI practice questions (Forum A) for $155.00 for all the subjects? I just want some opinions from you guys on what I should be doing (other than studying a lot lol, which I have been doing). Thanks Everyone!