Hey ladies and gents I'm headed into my first semester of nursing school and have run into something that is a tad perplexing and can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone. During our orientation we were told that we would have a reoccurring ATI fee each semester but wasn't told exactly what it was for.

Initially, when I spoke to the bookstore I was told the ATI bundle was $420 but that this fee was being "renegotiated." The fee is now $756 per semester and nobody can tell me what exactly I am paying for. ATI themselves said they couldn't discuss it with me and that I would need to speak to the program directly. The campus bookstore said they have no idea what it contains and the nursing department hasn't gotten back to me.

My fear is that I am paying for unnecessary material and/or duplicate books pertaining to the same material as the seperate $900 "Book Bundle" I was told to purchase that has various textbooks.

Has anyone run into similar ATI costs that can tell me what I am paying for?