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At home business


Has anyone been able to transition from bedside nursing to working at home?

what are you doing?

do you enjoy it?

does it cover your expenses?

Hi! There are so many nurses out there asking the same questions and every one has a different reason why. My background is critical care nursing-NICU, PICU, and then, in an effort to have a schedule that worked for my family, I transitioned into Cardiac Cath Lab and interventional cardiology. That had too much on call time and I was looking for a career where I could make my own schedule and be at home when my children came home from school. I actually found a niche that allows me to use many of the skills that I learned as a nurse-leadership, organization, education, helping other people, and, yes, I definitely replaced my income (beyond my dreams)! If you want to learn more, please email me at chesnehealthmogul@gmail.com I have lots of ideas of how to help you find your niche!

vickywarren, LPN

Specializes in Retired LPN.

Hi! My story is a little different. I joke saying I was a "nurse" for 30 seconds. It took me about a decade to get my degree, and then health problems (migraines and hyperemesis during pregnancy) pushed me out of bedside nursing. I decided I wanted to be involved in healthcare somehow, so I started a patient story sharing blog. From there I've gotten into freelance writing and social media managment. For me, it hasn't been quick, so I would definelty suggest getting started while still working, and work to make that side hustle profitable! If you have any questions, I'd love to chat with you, vicky@vickywarrenwriting.com or you can find me on Twitter @VickyWriting!