At a crossroad and need some advice


Are there any ADN to FNP programs that can be completed online? I researched this topic but most of the post on it are dated. If there are some good ones out there I'd love to hear from graduates of the program and your experiences. Would you do anything differently?

My career goal is to be a FNP. I will have a non-nursing BA by the end of this year. For my career goal I thought it was better to go the Entry-MSN route. Now I'm not so sure, because I am having problems finding Accelerated BSN or Direct Entry MSN programs that fit my needs; I need one that's in a safe area, affordable, and has student diversity.

Right now, I am considering not finishing my BA (so I can quality for financial aid) to get an ADN. If I do stop my BA, I would finish it after the completion of my ADN; I just have 3 more classes to go. I'm not sure if it's the best idea, but I'm not really seeing any other options. I kinda feel overwhelmed with all of this.

Thanks for taking time to read this :).



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Frontier in KY has an adn-msn fnp program. You do have to go to their campus a couple of times but it's not a lot of time in total.


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I'm a little confused, do you currently hold an RN license or are you considering attending a nursing school?

An FNP is an advanced practice nurse (APN) hence the advanced practice part. Most places prefer their students to have a couple of years experience as a bedside nurse. There are very few programs that will offer an entry to MSN/FNP degree as employers tend to be weary of people who have little to no bedside experience and are now holding advanced practice degrees.

If you are almost done with your non-BSN degree finish that up, attend an accelerated BSN program (most are a year to 1.5 years) and work as a bedside nurse for a while then pursue your APN degree. Best of luck!