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So I just have a few questions.... I'm attending a community college in California, and it doesn't offer the four "HCR" classes that ASU required as prerequisites. Can I apply without them, or do I have to take them somehow before applying for BSN program


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I had a previous degree so those we waived for me. I would contact either admissions or the nursing program directly to ask, depending on where your worry is. I am a nursing student at one of the community colleges and am doing the ASU online RN/BSN concurrently as they have a relationship to do so with the local community colleges. It is much more economically friendly that way. You may also want to see if they offer any of the required HCR classes online.


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It depends on whether you're applying through CEP or through ASU alone as a transfer student who does not already hold a bachelors degree. If you are only getting your degree through ASU and not concurrently with a Maricopa community college then you will have to complete the HCR courses before beginning the program. If you look at the ASU advancement guide it will tell you how many courses need to be complete by time of application. All of the HCR courses are offered online through the Maricopa community colleges. I guess if you already have a degree for the CEP process then they will waive HCR coursework per the previous poster's comment, but I'm not sure if you can get it waived otherwise. Good luck!


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I would check Rio Salado, it's an online community college in AZ that transfers right to ASU.

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