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Hello everyone,

This is my first post! What a valuable resource this site has been for me! A little background on myself to begin:

I am 24, male, and have a degree from ASU in Business Marketing (2012). I have been working all year on prerequisites required for consideration in ASU's Post-Bacc BSN program, which (if you are unfamiliar) is a program that allows people with degrees to get their BSN in 12 months after completion of pre-reqs. It requires a minimum 3.50 select GPA and 58.7% score on the TEAS to even be considered.

I received A's in all prerequisites except for a sophomore-year psychology 101 class, which was a B. This makes my application GPA a 3.89 (instead of a 4.0 :no:). I just took the TEAS yesterday, and got a 91.3% (99th percentile national, 98th percentile in the ASU BSN program overall).

Do any accepted applicants have opinions on my scores? What do you think the chances of me getting into the program are? If you can speak to your experience with the application and admissions process, that would be great. I think I am doing well, and I believe after they look at my application and see that I have straight A's on all of my medical-related prerequisites, they won't discredit my GPA with the one psychology class.

Also, anyone else applying? How has the process been? Our apps are due soon!

Thanks in advance for your advice!


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First off, congrats on completing your degree, prerequisites, and scoring really well on the TEAS test. A 12 month program, as much hell as it will be, is so much preferable to the FIVE semester track I'm about to begin in IL imo. That's 5 semesters after all prerequisites are completed. And there is no summer track classes, so it's basically an extra seven months tacked on, which is ridiculous to me (I know..I chose is good and right down the road from me and and has excellent placement stats so there were definite benefits to choosing it).

Anyway, back to your question....since your psych class is your only B among the prerequ classes..that is a HUGE positive imo. From my understanding, chemistry is often the class/ grade looked at the most, because it involves calculations and math, and this is an area of concern across all of nursing -- many professors lament the students who are deficient in math/ med calculations but otherwise great in other areas. The selection committee will easily overlook 1 B in psych if you received As in chemistry and A&P, which are by far much more rigorous and challenging classes.

I'd say you have a great chance based on your TEAS score and prerequisite GPA, but I'm totally unfamiliar with your program's specific selection process aside from what you have written. Also, I know 12 month post-bacc programs are in high demand generally speaking because the timeline is so desirable. The SUNY-Stony Brook program (a pretty well known accelerated post-bacc program nationally) looks at other things such as the required essay (heavy emphasis on this from what I've heard) and work experience to gauge candidates...their selection process has been described on this site as somewhat non-conventional in this regard...but it sounds as though the ASU program might be more straightforward in their selection process, using the standard metrics.


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Thanks for the input! Yeah, I really want to get into this accelerated program. I know I can handle the course work, and am hoping my grades are good enough to get in!


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Hi! If you search asu post bacc on this site and click on the first forum there is a lot of information! I just put in my application with a 4.0 and a 94.7% teas score! Based on what I've heard, both of our scores are competitive! Good luck with you application, hopefully we both get in!


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Hi ryto1!

It sounds like you are in a pretty good spot! From what I have read on the other forums, those with a GPA above 3.5 and a high teas score usually end up with a spot in the program.

Do you have any advice on the TEAS? I'm taking it Friday. I was supposed to take it earlier but I didn't feel prepared so I rescheduled. I'm just a little nervous about the math section.


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Excellent work! Hopefully we both get in! I know that it is going to be competitive, but I am really hoping that they don't DQ people if 40 people with 4.0s apply to the program (no offense). Hopefully we all get in and meet at the workshop in December! I'll keep monitoring this thread; as you all get information/updates/acceptance letters, keep updating! I will too!


The best advise I can give you for the TEAS is to study using the official TEAS V manual. I did so, and it really did make a difference on the test to see how the questions are structured as well as the explanations behind the correct vs. incorrect answers. Definitely make sure you pay close attention to the English and Language Usage section; I used to be an English education major, and this section even tripped me up. I can't be too much help, since I already have a degree the TEAS coverd information in which I had already obtained proficiency. Just take your time, read every question and answer, and always always ALWAYS go with your gut when answering test questions!


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Hey everyone. I just dropped off my application today. As chelnel already said, that other thread explains how the ranking system worked for last year. I assume it will work the same this year as well. They divide your select GPA by 4 and then add your TEAS score. So the best possible value would be 2.0 if you had a 4.0 select GPA and a 100% TEAS (4.0/4 + 1.00 = 2.0). Sifting through comments from the people who applied last year, as far as I can tell the lowest ranking score that got into the program was less than 1.8. Who knows for this year, but I would expect it to be a little more competitive since it is such a new program and will probably have more applicants this time around. Good luck to everyone!


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I read through all of that, and I think that the essays we had to submit must carry some form of merit in consideration, too. If the current method is the case, I have a 1.885 (1.89 hopefully, or who knows maybe even a 1.9 if they really round up :p), so hopefully I am good! Everyone keep in touch and let each other know when we gain more information or get accepted! Good luc


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I am hoping the essays don't carry too much weight, because I did not think mine were particularly inspired lol. I am hoping they just want to make sure you have decent written communication skills. And I hope mine reflected that I do. lol.