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Assignment America reviews and experiences

by MissNurse1313 MissNurse1313 (New) New

Hi, I'm a 2nd year student nurse here is Australia. I've always been interested in travel nursing and I've always wanted to live in America. I'm about to finish my degree and want to specialise in Paediatrics. I'm still looking into other travel nursing agencies such as Cross Country its sub company Assignment America these are the only two I know of that specialize in bringing international nurses to America. Is there anyone who has previously worked with Assignment America and if so what have your experiences been like with this company. I'm excited to graduate and after a year of experience I would like to work for this company. I know that the Naturalization process is extremely long but its worth it because its been my dream job since day 1. All advice and experience and answer will be much appreciated I have a long way to go in this profession so share your wisdom please :D

Hi can you tell me if you got through with Assignment America and what your experience with them has been?