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ASSET Test please help

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Hello there,

I am a totally newbie and desperated!!! Let me tell you a little bit about myself!!! I want to enroll in the LVN program in Texas CTC! I found out I have to take the NET test, of course!! And also an ASSET test:uhoh3: !! I know what this test is about, the problem is, I am from Germany and I was a Physical Therapist in Germany and it`s been a while I was in school and english is my second language!! I wouldn`t have problems with the medical field but when it comes to math and history or chemistry, I have no clue!! Plus the school system in Germany is totally different from the one in the USA. Is this test real hard?? What happens if I don`t pass it?? How often can I take it?? Does it affect my college acceptance??? Please help me guys, I am really desperate!!! Let me know about your experiences!!!Thank you already!!! Oh yes and what is if I pass the net test first??? And don`t pass the ASSET test???

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This topic is now closed to further replies.