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Hi, I am looking for a tool to help me determine how many hours a pateint should receive in Personal cares (ADLS) I am a personal care coordinator for a home health agency that primary focus is disabled clientel. I don't want reinvent the wheel and am wondering what other agencies are using. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Stacey Anderson RN, PCC


I am a LTC assessor in Canada and assess clients on a regular basis for help with ADL and personal care. Of course, each individual is assessed individually based on their activity level and functional abilities. The guidelines that we used are as follow. For personal care, we allow 1 hour which includes assist with washing, dressing, toileting and beakfast. If a bath is required, we allow 1.5 hours especially if the patient is assessed at an ic3 level or ec. We provide 1.0 hour for supper and prep for bedtime. If we provide bulk meal prep { when the patient is cognitively well enough and able to warm up food} we supply 2.0 hours twice a week. In some regions, houdecleaning is no longer a funded service and patients must hire privately. It was previously given for 2.0 hours every 2 weeks. As I have said before , these are only guidelines and each situation is assessed based on the care level and cognitive level of the patients. I hope that this is helpful to you. Good luck in your venture. Nightstar smile.gif

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