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Aspiring Pediatric RN NEEDS ADVICE

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My daughter is a sophomore at FSU. The school recently changed its RN program' entrance requirements. My daughter, an outstanding student, was not one of the few out of hundreds accepted under the brand new requirements and now she is frustrated and depressed and figuring out what to do, what classes to take, whether or not to transfer, etc.

WE are looking for advice from nurse professionals and/or students - WHAT ARE SOME GOOD PARALLEL DEGREES THAT WOULD CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAREER OF A (PEDIATRIC) NURSE?

The plan is for my daughter to complete her four year degree and then transfer to another school to obtain her BSN. In other words, she wants to take as many classes that will count towards a BSN at another school, but that will also yield a non-nursing Bachelor's degree at FSU.

She is determined to work in some pediatric nursing field, but wants to go about next steps thoughtfully. She does not want to lose credits transferring, just joined a favorite sorority, loves FSU, etc. But she will have to get her BSN elsewhere now due to the recent changes there.

Sadly - she is not getting any intelligent support from FSU advisers. We appreciate any guidance any of you can offer. Thank you.


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I wouldn't give up. The school I got into sounds like your daughters school. 32 students twice a year out of hundreds get accepted. The first time around I did not get accepted. I did retake a few classes that were b's and almost didn't apply again because I felt I would never get in. Well I ended up getting in the second time. I was very shocked. They always tell you you have to have a 4.0 but now I know that's not true as I have a 3.75.

If I were her I would start a bachelors in health science while at the same time improving my pre requisite grades so I can keep applying every year even though she's working on another bachelors as a back up.

Also maybe working part time as a Cna might help?? I know it would at my campus to have that prior experience.

Thank you! Great advice! While I do not know for sure, I know her GPA is way up there - was over 4.7 out of high school and is near 4.0 now - but they have SAT requirements that are out of her reach. Great suggestions and we appreciate it kindly. God's Blessings to you.

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Is there a reason that your daughter is "wedded" to earning a Bachelor's Degree at this institution?

If I understand correctly, she is now a sophomore. That means 2-1/2 more years of effort and expense to pursue a non-nursing degree that will not prepare her for her chosen profession. Upon graduation, she will need to gain acceptance at another institution and be prepared for at least 2 more years of study and expense in order to earn her entry-level nursing credentials.

I would highly suggest considering alternative educational paths.

Best of luck!

I would let her do the research for herself. I understand the urge to try to help your child, but she is now an adult and should be figuring this out for herself. Nursing requires a lot of self-reliance and drive. Fighting to try to get into a nursing program, fighting to graduate, and fighting to get a job is all part of the process.


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Another suggestion like someone else posted is to look into other programs, not just where she is. If she REALLY wants to be a nurse she should look at all her options. I really loved the University environment too, but had to leave because I got accepted into a community college program. I know I will return back there anyways in the future to get my BSN though. I would look into allll nursing programs in her area, or areas she would consider moving to,, and apply to all that she can.