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I want to become a nurse is San Diego. how long does it take to complete an associates in Nursing REALLY.


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I got my ADN at San Diego City College. I went summers and did 1 year of prerequisites. The Nursing program itself was 2 years. I did the General Ed courses in the summers. Total was 3 years. Get your A&P, and Micro Biology 1st. Then Apply to all the Nursing programs (City, Grossmont, Southwest ), while you are on the waiting list you can get the other courses out of the way. Good Luck!


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If you're starting from scratch, give yourself four years.

That's usually what it takes with pre-reqs, waiting lists, etc.

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It took me about 4 1/2 years...for a 2 year degree!!:imbar

I started out slowly because I was going back to school after a 6 year break....I didn't want to overwhelm myself....

I took all of my nursing pre-reqs first and then took the rest of my general ed classes while I was on the waiting list (3 semesters and Summer school)...I just graduated this Dec...:roll

It is the best feeling of the way I went to Palomar College in North San Diego county...



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hello everyone! nursing is actually my second course...with my previous units, i got 2 years and 1/2...right now, i have about 1 year and 8 months to go. my school offers the trimester curriculum, which is actually faster:cool:

although, with the fast paced curriculum like it, you have to really study on your own, because they don;t really spoon feed you unlike in other schools.

i'am doing my clinical duty now at a public hospital, it's my second week now...and oh boy oh boy!!!am i just so excited...everyday i wake up at 3am to get ready and be in the hospital by 5:45 (i meet with my clinical instructor at 6).i'am assigned in the surgery and trauma ward...everyday is just so exciting.

i just have one question though...when i graduate my BSN, will anyone in california sponsor me?i heard that i can challenge the NCLEX without taking the boards in my country...i figure...i'am legal to visit the united states anyway, can anyone please help me with this issue that has been bugging me.


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