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Aspiring LPN or RN..so many questions!


Hey all! I am currently taking basics in college and applying for fall semester as an LPN and RN. I am happy to continue into whichever I get accepted into first. If I get accepted into both, I will go with RN. Here are a few questions I have..

1. Are there any websites etc to brush up on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions, and turning them into decimals rounded to the nearest tenth? I am required to take this test to apply for RN program. I haven't had any type of math in 7 years and cannot remember! (Don't use it, you lose it)

2. What should I expect from the RN or LPN program as far as days spent in school/clinicals? I have three small children, and will need to find childcare. The school has not been so helpful in answering some of these questions.

3. How much should I expect on salary for an RN/LPN in Meridian MS and surrounding areas?

TBH, I have my Pharmacy Tech certification and once I had my first child, I quit to be a SAHM. I became certified as a Labor Coach and did that every once in a while. Now that I have 3 children (ages 4 & under), I NEED to get out of the house! My husband can provide for our household whether I work or not, but nursing was always something I wanted to do. I just can't figure out the answers to a lot of my questions(: Thanks for any advice!


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In/around meridian you can expect to see $19-20/hr as a new grad RN. I am not sure for LPN. Are you applying to admit in the fall? Maybe you can speak to your college counselor about finding a math tutor?


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Oops, hit reply too soon! You can expect anywhere from 6-12 hour days in clinicals, mostly likely on a day shift, where you'll be expected to arrive between 6-6:30 so you will need childcare early. Clinicals are usually 2 days a week with the rest of the week being spent in a classroom setting...hope that helps some.

Congratulations! Im also a SAHM Iam also a LPN and I plan to start the bridge this summer. I was just accepted to Hinds. What schools did you apply to? As far as the math, I'm not sure what you mean. We did drug calculations in the program. Are you talking about the Teas test? If so they have study guides and materials online check ebay. We were required to take the Teas test in order to apply to the program(LPN). The days spent in clinical is probably depending on the school. Class is usually Monday-Friday and I would expect that clinicals are one to two days per week. The yearly salary for my classmates started at about 30,000 for LPN and you will probably see about 40,000 and up as a new RN...

Thanks! I Applied at MCC in Meridian and ECC in Decatur. I am currently in the AP 1&2 fast track course and just finished AP 1 this week with am A. But bc of the "competitiveness" of getting into the ADN program I have already completed eng comp 1, human growth, and psychology..I'm just not sure that's competitive enough! Haha. I'm not really sure if it's the teas test? It is about 15 math questions involving adding, sub, mult, and dividing fractions..then turning it into the decimal and rounding it tithe nearest tenth? You have to answer them in 15min! They add your grades with this test and pick the too people..so I'm stressing about being accepted! I'm happy with LPN or RN though.


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