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Aspiring CRNA student with professional development question...


Hi All,

Let me start with my professional background. Next month I will have been practicing as an BSN RN for five years. In that time frame I have gained 2.5 years of Level 1 trauma center ICU experience, worked in organ procurement for 1+ year managing brain-dead donors in the ICU setting, and 1 year in a minimally invasive procedure suite covering IR & cardiac cath lab, taking STEMI call, IR trauma call, and neuro IR stroke call. I've always dreamed of the opportunity to pursue CRNA school, however that wasn't an option due to my location... until recently.

I'm now moving to a new state as my husband is relocating. I will now have access to several CRNA schools and am hoping to pursue this dream. I have secured a job in a STICU to gain a year of current ICU experience before apply to CRNA. I am also CCRN certified, have shadowed CRNAs in the past, and am planning to get more current shadow experience. I'm studying to take the GRE a second time to improve my scores, which are acceptable right now, but I'd like to put myself at the front of the pack in the application process.

Here's my current dilemma... If I gain my one year of current ICU experience and then begin the application process, it'll be a minimum of two years before I matriculate at the earliest (if I can even get accepted during my first application process). I'm the type of person that likes to keep busy and I'm contemplating pursuing an online MHA in the meantime. I'm 100% a NERD, and I am genuinely interesting in understanding more about healthcare administration and leadership, even though I'm not seeking to pursue a management position. I just want to learn more on the side while I wait for CRNA school.

Here's my concern... Will CRNA schools look at my application and see my pursuing an MHA as not focused enough on a CRNA school goal?

Also, one of the MHA programs I'm looking at uses a pass/fail model which means the final GPA is always 3.0 if you pass all the courses... Would that weigh against me in the consideration process for CRNA school? Especially considering my 3.9 from undergrad?

Any input helps...



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Consider that by the time you matriculate, your science pre-reqs from your BSN won't be within 10 years anymore and you'll have to retake them. So maybe use your nerd power for that instead of a MHA, then you get to go to school but not doing anything that might anger the CRNA gods.

I was debating if I should have waited an extra year when I applied to Crna school. Needless to say I got into both schools I applied for.

Write a great cover letter, interview with confidence and you will do fine.