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I have been looking for this school that I had found in the past to recommend to a friend.  Program is for RNs with an ASN/ADN to BSN with a BA in another field. It is an extremely short program instead of doing the year long program to a BSN when you already have a BA in another field. Is anyone familiar with this? Or can recommend a school ?


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In the mid-90's I completed a BSN through Regis University in Denver. I did have to complete about a year or so of prerequisites prior to acceptance; I had a B.A., so some of the courses transferred from my prior degree.  The Bachelor's to BSN program was about 14 months of Full Time 8-5 attendance expected, and it started After all the prerequisites had been completed and accepted.  I would look carefully at the potential school's ratings and whether or not your degree is accepted nationwide.  If for some reason you needed to stop before completion, would your credits transfer to another school?  How much is the total cost?  What are the program's NCLEX pass rates for graduates?  What is their graduation rate/percentage for that program?  

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