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Ask me anything, Australian RN here

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Hi Rajo,

Can you please read through my selection criteria for me.

Demonstrated effective written and verbal communication skills within a clinical setting.

Good communication is an important skill required for effective and efficient delivery of nursing care. As a student nurse, I have acquired effective written and verbal communication skills which I have developed over the course of my education. I have formal education with English as the medium of communication.  I have delivered several professional presentations during my three years of university studies and throughout my career as a care support worker. I consider myself to have excellent written and verbal skills. This is evident

 (S) During my placement with a silver chain, I was supposed to educate the client on wound management and how to identify any signs of infection as part of my clinical assessment.

(T) I performed a wound dressing on a middle-aged man, and during the procedure, I was able to identify if my client was in pain by verbally asking him and observe his body reaction whiles dressing the wound.

(A) I used pictures to demonstrate to him the cardinal signs to look for when the wound is becoming infected. I made him understand that knowing the cardinal signs of wound infections and reporting it earlier helps in preventing major complications.  I used a clear language without using any medical terminology while explaining the process to him. I used a similar approach with written communication skills where I ensure that everything, I have done with the client is writing in his note in clearly and accurately.

(R) My strength in verbal communication helped me to explain to the client in simple terms and that helped us to manage the wound without infection or complications.

Thank You

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Hi there!

I have started my application process to become a nurse in Australia. When asking about what university you went to did you put university in the Philippines? I am trying to put my American university and they won't let me move forth without selecting a state but all they have in AUS states/territories. 

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Agrata specializes in Aged care.

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Hello everyone,

I am an internationally qualified RN seeking for jobs in NSW hospital.

Currently, working in an aged care facility as a newly graduate RN and have experience nursing for 4 months in Australia only.

I was an ICU nurse back home practiced for only 6months.

Could someone please give me brief idea about how to address the selection criteria’s.

CDE4C821-493A-44BB-ABFE-06B138C33870.thumb.png.7291f08b45a5d48d9195a484420fb503.pngThank you

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Deepa specializes in Elderly care.

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Hai all,

     I heard that Australia is changing the rule of registration.Bridging program will be replaced by OSCE.Does anyone know that they will accept OSCE from uk?

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