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I am interested in hearing about other nurses experiences of using alternative therapies in particular aromatherapy, in any area of children's nursing. I would be especially interested to hear whether or not you experienced any opposition, from medical colleagues and how you overcame this.

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goodness some pedi nurse actually here!!!

I give shots to a lot of kids and adults and I use the""" blow the pain away""'techinque and all the other nurses think I am nuts. But the patients love it, so i keep doing it.

I dont use aroma therapy in ashot clinic but whatever works...I particularily like the smell of butter cookies!!!


I've not heard of this, but would love to hear more on this subject. I would do enything to help the babies. I take care of but they are allergic to everthing and its very hard to improve there quality of life.

are you interested in narrowing the field only to aromatherapy or using other methods as well?? what age group?? in procedures?? pain control?? i am interested in some of your thoughts on this.

When I was a pediatric patient years ago, and I was having trouble voiding after surgery, someone used oil of peppermint to help me void (it worked!) Anyone else out there heard of this or used it? I did try using toothpaste as an aromatherapy agent with postpartum women to initiate their first voids after delivery. My co-workers thought I was nuts, but it worked some of the time (I suspect it just wasn't as potent as the oil of peppermint). BTW, when I was a pediatric patient, the oil of peppermint was used both in a bedpan (mixed with a little water) when I was bedridden, and in a small bottle held under the nose when I was able to sit on the toilet.

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