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My husband is currently Active Duty Army and I am a nursing student. I have had an interest in the Army Nurse Corp for a long time and I can't seem to let the idea go. I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on the Army Nurse Corp Active reserves? My main concern is whether my husband and I would have the same duty station? He is already deployed and always gone for training as it is and I was just wondering what it would most likely be like for us. Any advice would be great. Thank you all.

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If you're in the reserve, you won't have a duty station. As a reservist, you'll only serve on certain weekends and 2 weeks a year (unless things have changed).

Dual military families on active duty can enroll in the Army's married couples assignment program, where they'll try to get you and your spouse assigned to the same duty station or stations that are close to each other. Note the term try. I had a friend whose husband was 100 miles away for the better part of a year, despite their enrollment in the MACP. The needs of the Army will come above those of you and your husband.

Please note that it is extremely competitive to get into the Nurse Corps right now, both active and reserve. Budget cuts and the drawdown have made it so that the ANC is only taking experienced nurses. Most ROTC nursing cadets are being slotted to the reserve and those slots are being cut as we speak.

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This is going to be your best source of information regarding millitary nursing on AN. I'd strongly suggest you speak to a nurse recruiter (your regular enlisted recruiters are not experienced in recruiting officers, much less nurses, so please talk to the experts!) to get a better idea of what will be required to get in.


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Thank you so much! :)


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I agree with armynurse22. If you join the reserves then you can pick the station that is closest to where your husband is stationed. There are usually reserve units in close proximity to military bases and big cities. Depending on your husband's mos, then you could be stationed either on the same base or close to it. It all depends on army needs and the slots available at your MEPS liaison. I am currently in the reserves and I am working toward my nursing degree. best of luck to you!!

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