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Couple of questions about the Army CRNA program in TX. I am a reserve 66H8A with an FST in Ohio with 4 years active USMC experience. I know the basics of military life. When a person qualifies for a seat and is accepted to Army CRNA school do you move to texas and reside on base in a barracks or do you move, as in bring the wife and kids along. I wasn't sure how this worked and, frankly, has a large impact on the question of applying to this program or to a civilian program in Ohio. I know about the active time and pay situation. I just like the military. Any comments or "pearls" would be appreciated.


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It is a PCS move so you'll be able to bring your family with you. You most likely will have to rent an apartment or a house off post, since there is usually a few months waiting time for on post housing.

You will be in Fort Sam for a year for Phase 1 then move on to Phase 2 at one of the other Army Medical Centers. They only have 5 or 6 slots for Phase 2 at BAMC (Ft Sam) so I wouldn't put my money on being able to stay.

Recommend you not move your family (especially if you have to move children) for Phase I . Although it is considered a PCS move, and the Army works with you on assignments, you won't know where you will do your Phase II and where your first duty station will be.


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Either way, you'll see very little of your family during CRNA school. It's very intense from start to finish.

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