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  1. advise needed on travel nursing. I am new at this. Where are the best places to go, and the worest places to go? How do you negociate your contract to get the best "DEAL"? How are the best ways to cope, being on your own?
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  3. by   Sylvia321
    There is a forum here on allnurses for travelers, you may want to post there for information. Also there are some sites on the web that offer tons of info.
    Where to go? Where do you want to go? Where do you NOT want to go? Do you have a license in the state you want to go? If not, check on the time to obtain one, if it isn't a walk through state then be prepared for the BON to take a while (some are fast and some are very slow) Are you compacted? If so do you wish to go to a compact state? Next is important; What is the lowest per hour you can/will accept? Do you need health bennies? Again how much are you willing to pay for it, or you can always find an agency that give free or minimal fee health insurance. Housing, never accept anything less than free PRIVATE housing or a stipend. You can check with the IRS on what is allowable. Do you need a rental car? Some agencies give a stipend to assist with rental cars. If you drive you can paocket the stipend. Remember you must have a tax home (where you duplicate expenses) to be able to qualify for tax free housing...traveltax has good tax advise. The following is an example;
    When in Sacramento I use XXXX agency (I don't know if I am allowed to name an agency here), I don't need health insurance (I have my own) (some agencies give a few $$ extra when you do not take thier insurance) She pays me a housing stipend and car allowance. I work 4-13 week contracts at the Sutters. She flies me here and then back to AR (home). The last contract was $40/hr. In CA some hospitals you get time and a half after 8 hrs or after 40 hrs, at all facilities if you work more than 12 hrs for one shift you get double time.

    Show Lo AZ pays $35/hr (another agency did earlier this year) The agencies that try to staff FL tend to low ball the nurses, pay in the 20s. There are over 300 travel nurse agencies, you have to call many to see who offers you what you want. You can, and I would encourage you , to be signed up with a few-several. ALWAYS ALWAYS read your contract, never sign it if there is one thing on it that you are not comfortable with. IF you didn't talk/agree to it all with the recruiter and NM in the interview then I would not sign, and move on to another agency if they won't change it. Some recruiters are like used car salesmen. You have to look out for you.
  4. by   OliveOyl
    I am interested in travel nursing, but I have a few questions. I plan on living in the Little Rock area when I graduate. Is it possible for me to live in the same area that I want to do travel nursing in? Also, what are some agencies in the Little Rock area where I may be able to get more information concerning assignments and pay? Thank you in advance.
  5. by   jenark53
    You can work travel nursing in the area you live, but you don't qualify for the housing subsidy and certain tax breaks associated with working away from your home.