Nursing school supplies

  1. Hey, I start ualr in may. Should I buy a laptop for school? I have one but it is old!!!And what are the best backpacks?Thanks!!
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  3. by   cootvon
    you will be on WebCT a a new computer is up to you. I wouldn't buy one if your current one works fine. SOME people like to take notes on a netbook in class, which is allowed. As for backpacks, you are about to buy the biggest, heaviest textbooks you've ever seen. Depending on your size, you may want a rolling backpack. I try not to take my books out of the house ever, so a regular backpack works fine for me...just something to carry a binder in. If you are the type that likes to always carry your textbook to class, your summer book is pretty big, your medsurg book is bigger and >10lbs. if that helps any
  4. by   shenderson16
    Thank you!
  5. by   cootvon
    you are welcome. good luck. the summer semester is nerve racking. if you are a shy, non-people person, throw that out before you get there. Once you hit the skills lab you need to get as much practice in on as many people as you can.
  6. by   mashay2316
    I am starting UALR in May too! I was thinking about getting an I-pad or Kindle Fire...can I do what I need to do for class on one of those, or do I need a laptop?
  7. by   cootvon
    I know of a couple people that had ipads with bluetooth keyboards and typed notes in class. as for the kindle fire, I personally wouldn't want to type notes on a 7" tablet. If you can get a bluetooth keyboard for it..maybe You will need microsoft word or something similar for all of your clinical paperwork. I wouldn't want to do any of that on a tablet either. just my.02

    Me personally, I take notes on paper in class. I use a laptop to do my clinical paperwork. I see no need to take tablet or laptop to school with me. If I were you, I wouldn't make any purchases until you get into the fall
  8. by   mashay2316
    I like to write my class notes on paper too! I was wondering about the WebCT you mentioned...but if we need Word to do a lot of clinical notes, then I guess that answers my question! Thanks!!
  9. by   cootvon
    and i forgot to mention, they change things all the time so what i say may not mean a thing in a month

    seriously though.. clinical paperwork now is ~20 pages. no way i'm touching a screen to fill out that much stuff. webct is more of a holding area for info than something you'll need to type in everyday. of course, like i said that all can change quickly.

    you guys will have a blast. nursing school is unlike anything you've ever done.

    the once piece of advice is that you don't listen to what anyone says about this or that being the hardest test/semester/class etc. don't get caught up in the drama of school. keep your head down and your eye on the prize.
  10. by   shenderson16
    Thank! I appreciate the confidence booster! We will need it.