LPNs Scope of Practice in Arkansas

  1. I am getting really confused with the scope of practice allowed to Lpn's in Arkansas. Its nothing against the Lpn, but I can't understand how some hospitals allow Lpn's to hang blood, have only Lpns work in the ER without direct RN supervision and push any drug ordered by the physician. If they can do everything the RN can do why hire Rn's? Again I'm not complaining about the Lpn but the powers that be that allow nurses to put their license on the line to save money.
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  3. by   Cassaundra
    You can try looking here http://www.arsbn.org/praclink.html, but I don't see where it makes a specific list if that's what you're looking for.

    Also, your hospital should have a paper copy of the NPA if you want to look it all up.
  4. by   riverguidenurse101
    theres a reason its all very vague...