LPN Refresher Course in Central AR

  1. I graduated the Baptist LPN Course a lil over a year ago. Took the test once and didnt pass. For various reasons, I havent taken it again. I've finally buckled back down and am gettin ready to take it again. I'm really worried since I've been out for over a yr..is there anywhere that offers a refresher course?

    Baptist offers one but its for LPNS that are already licensed and have been out of the workforce for a while.

    Help! Thanks.
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  3. by   Mirna8181
    Still looking for a refresher course..even online would do. Anyone know of anything?

    Also, thought about getting a job as a PCT or CNA while Im studying to take it. Since I graduated LPN, am I able to work as either of those or do I have to get certfied in those also?
  4. by   airkuh22
    Hello, sorry to hear about you not passing boards. Was it hard? I'm just concerned because I'm starting Baptist LPN program in July & I'm so nervous!! Did you like Baptist? How was the program?
  5. by   Mirna8181
    Thanks. Girl, I'm not going to lie - nursing school was definitely the most strenuous thing I've ever done. Baptist was really fast-paced for LPN. In the beginning, I tried to work PT while going to school. Didnt last long. You will spend your nights studying! (And I've never had to study for high school or UCA). Looking back, there are 3 things that I will recommend to you:

    1. Buy/study your NCLEX book all year. Dont wait until a month before the test to study it.

    2. Throughout the year, you will take ERI tests on each subject. For Baptist, these don't count for a grade. BUT don't blow those off. Treat them as if they were real NCLEX tests. Alot of the other students, plus myself, didn't study for the ERIs and blew them off. If we would have, I think it would have made boards go so much easier!

    3. While you are in nursing school, you can work for Baptist Hosp as a PCT. These positions are ONLY for nursing students. Basically, this position is somewhere between a CNA and an LPN. Basically, you are a CNA but you can perform any of the skills that you have passed off on during school (ie - foleys, dressings, etc). That way, it will help keep your skills up to par also. While we were in school, most of us only got once chance to perform those certain skills. If you are a PCT, you can do those skills whenever necessary. It will def put you ahead of the game.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with school.
  6. by   airkuh22
    Thank you so much for the info. I know it's not going to be easy, but I'm not going to give up. I've been wanting to do this for a loing time now. So, Baptist will hire you to work for them if you're in their program? I didn't know that. I'm currently in a CNA program. I just wanted to go ahead & start working as a CNA & see what it's like.

    Do you know when you're taking boards again? GOODLUCK! I'm sure you will pass this time around!
  7. by   Mirna8181
    Thanks! I sure hope so. Yes, if they have positions open - they will encourage you to do the PCT job. I was dissapointed that I didnt find out about it until right before I graduated or I would have done it all year. The positions can be in the pool - which they are really flexible about. If we didnt have alot of tests that week, I would call and say that I wanted to work from 4-8p and they would let you do it. They prefer you work entire shifts of course - but understood and were more flexible since we were in school. Good luck on the program. I'm sure you'll do great if you already have that attitude!
  8. by   airkuh22
    Thanks again, & I'm sorry for all the questions. I was wondering, did you have to take out alot of student loans or how did you pay for your education? Also, did you already have A&P I/II & Nutrition out of the way or did you have to take it with the program?
    Do you ever plan on bridging through Baptist to become an RN?

    Thanks for all your help!
  9. by   Mirna8181
    I took out a student loan. Some of the other students decided to work for Baptist after graduation for loan forgiveness. I dont remember if it was a year or 2 years that you have to work for them.

    I took nutrition online through Pulaski Tech before school started. It was super easy. They also give you the option to take A&P while you are in school. They offer it there during the day. They work it into your M-F 8-5 schedule. If you have already taken it, you just get to leave during those times or come late.
  10. by   airkuh22
    Okay. That doesn't sound to bad at all. I'm taking nutriton this semester, but A&P filled up before I could even enroll in it But If I end up having to take it through Baptist that will be fine.
  11. by   Megsmom8
    My advice would be to take A&P through Pulaski Tech (either on Pulaski's or Baptist Campus) rather than through the Baptist because it doesn't have a lab and you will have to retake the class for RN. Also you wouldn't have to get there as early for class/tests. When I went it pretty much went into 1-2 tests on Mondays and Fridays at 6 chapters a piece. This accelerated program takes over life as you know it, no joke, be ready.
  12. by   airkuh22
    Did you do the LPN program then bridge? Or did you just go straight through the RN program? Also, did you enjoy your experience at Baptist?
  13. by   Megsmom8
    I just took the LPN which did allow us to take Nutrition through PTC gaining us a credit but you had to have already finished A&P when you start or you take it through the curriculum without the lab leaving you no college credit. I've taken 2 more classes online through PTC. You've got to have all your basics done before you fast-track I believe. So for people needing credits yet then I should have done the RN which many of us wished we did. Sometimes you feel 2nd class.
    This course is non-stop, strict, and not really for people with kids or a job. I lost a year in my kids life doing it like this which led to consequences. It did prepare me. I had good caring teachers and I graduated with honors (only because my husband took over everything for me to allow for constant study). As an LPN I feel that I serve more as a medication giver than as a nurse in which I was trained for. My advice is to get as many basics now and and go through RN program with as few basics as possible. If you want summers off go through somewhere else than Baptist. Baptist does have high standards and will train you to be ethical, well-trained and to walk in integrity. If you've got kids consider doing school around their life not the other way around like I did.
  14. by   airkuh22
    Thanks for the advice! I know it's not going to be easy, but this is what I really want to do, & anything worth having is worth fighting for. So, I'm def up for the challenge!