How is southern Arkansas university in magnolia?

  1. How is southern Arkansas university for nursing?
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  3. by   ArkansasFan
    Well, crap I tried to reply and it didn't work.

    Magnolia is not a cool town. It is better than say Hope and Camden which are of equal size. El Dorado to the east has some good things going on like me being born and raised there, lol, but I have moved. Texarkana to the west is pretty neat since everything you'd generally want in a larger city is all confined to a small area.

    SAU is where I graduated from in 2003 with my BS. At the time I don't think their BSN was accredited. I don't recall ever hearing any complaints on the program, and it seems the classes were usually short although some started at like 6 am as I recall seeing in a schedule once. They did just add on to their nurse building, and they're building a new science building where you'd take your micro and A&P. It's not a very expensive school, yet tuition seems to have more than doubled since I was there. I guess in the grand scheme they're still cheap, and I used to refer to them as "the discount college" since my tuition with fees never seemed to be over $1,300. I think they're competing with others now. They're biz school is rated well, but the classes sucked. Criminal justice is their most popular major which is weird since all the CJ guys I knew never went on to do anything in criminal justice, yet I did with a totally different degree, lol.

    Note, I am not a nurse nor have I ever been.
  4. by   Cassaundra

    I just graduated from the nursing program at SAU. It's not an easy course to follow. Basically you're "thrown to the wolves" with a half semester of the basics when you start clinicals. My instructors have always been understanding and helpful. The attendence policy is pretty strict. In clinicals students can miss only one day and then have to make that up at the end. The lecture classes like med-surg are fairly long and there are changes being made to make the time sitting in one class more tolerable. What gets a number of students is clinical calculations. Their ADN and BSN are accredited - just renewed in fact - but they are separate. The ADN has to be aquired first. There has been efforts toward getting a master's program as well.

    Hope that helps.
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  5. by   NurseStephen

    I also just graduated from SAU's ADN nursing program in May.

    The SAU nursing program requires a student to progress through the ADN program, then you can progress through the RN-BSN program.

    There are different levels set up for the ADN program. There are 4 levels you must go through. I will break it down for you as I had it:

    -Level 1 (Fall 2007) - Care of the Non-Acute Individual (Fundamentals) and Clinical Calculations - 2 classes

    -Level 2 (Spring 2008) - Women's Health and Care of the Individual - 1 class

    -Level 3 (Fall 2008) - Medical/Surgical 1, Mental Health, and Pharmacology 1 - 3 classes

    -Level 4 (Spring 2009) - Medical/Surgical 2, Care of the Child, and Pharmacology 2 - 3 classes

    -You will have different clinicals each Level

    SAU has great instructors who really care about the students. Even though people may say it....they are NOT out to get you.

    The SAU nursing program is known for being one of the more difficult nursing schools in Arkansas but the instructors make sure you know your information so you will not kill your patients.

    The RN-BSN program (after you complete the ADN and take your NCLEX exam to become an RN) is composed of entirely online classes. I have personally taken 1 of the classes and it is AMAZING! I recommend everyone do this program.

    The Wharton Nursing Building has just undergone renovations and is now a fully functioning learning building. There are very nice classrooms and lab classrooms. I think you will enjoy it.

    The instructors are always available to sit down and talk with you. Just call and schedule an appointment first!

    -Ok...the prerequistes for the ADN and RN-BSN programs are all offered at SAU.

    -SAU is a great campus if you like the small-town home feeling. Everybody knows everyone and there really are not cliques like you see in high school.

    -The facilities at SAU are great and I am sure you will like it!


    I hope this helps!