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  1. I am in the middle of a nasty divorce and have had to relocate from Georgia to Arkansas. I am looking at transferring to Black River Technical College (Pocahontas) either the LPN or ADN program. Since I am not from Arkansas I do not know what programs are worth looking at or those to avoid. If someone could please give me some advice about this program I would greatly appreciate it. I have been reading about the LPN's making as much as the RN, if this is true I would really like to do that. CAn someone please advise on this as well. I just want to thank everyone for any advice!!!
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    I just talked with a former instructor for this school and was told that this is a very good program. The classes for the LPN program transfer to the RN program, you don't have to take extra pre-req's to start the ADN. So that is a plus in my book because I am going to need to re-take some. Everything is not going to transfer from Georgia, since the courses were not all college level. I wanted to share this with anyone who may need this info in the future.
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    I'm a little behind the times on this but I was wondering if you did go on to Black River Tech. and if so how was it? If you did would you mind answering a few questions about? I am considering going there as well, if my husband goes back to ASU this fall for his Masters. Thank you very much!