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  1. Has any be through the traditional nursing program at ASU and if so how is it? Do it take the full three years to complete once accepted to the program?
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  3. by   k8lyns_mommy
    there are more than one ASU in Ar... Are you talking about the one in Jonesboro?
  4. by   mrstcj7
    Yes I am talking about the one in Jonesboro.
  5. by   kristi.cheshire
    Yes, it does take the full 3 years once you are accepted into the program. I am currently a senior in the program, about to graduate in May. It's a great program and I would recommend it to anyone!
  6. by   Old and New
    I graduated from ASU-Jonesboro, Mountain Home campus, and it was a great program. Our NCLEX pass rate is very high and now that I'm working, I feel that my schooling prepared me well for what was to come.
  7. by   ashdoll
    Has anyone done the associates program through this school at the Jonesboro location? IF so I'd like to hear about your experience!
  8. by   Old and New
    The Jonesboro nursing program operates on several campuses. I studied at the Mountain Home campus, but we were connected via video network to Beebe and West Memphis, also. Clinicals are done at the nearest hospital. The program itself is coordinated by Jonesboro, so you will have a similar learning experience regardless of which campus you study from.
  9. by   ashdoll
    Did you do the BSN program or associates? Thank u for the info!
  10. by   Old and New
    I enrolled in the BSN program; so far I've got the AASN. I'm taking a year off before I go back for the BSN because I'm on my first job and getting the hang of the real world aspects of nursing first.
  11. by   Shandra2008
    Hey Gabrielle54... How long have you been out of the AASN program? How hard was it getting in the program? Did you go to the campus in west memphis?