any current UAMS students...

  1. I am deciding between UAMS and UAM and I am wanting to hear from some of you that are in the program. What are the strenghts and the weaknesses? How are the instructors and preceptors? Are they and their tests fair? How rigurous is the program? Is making A's and B's feasible here? Could you tell me anything about student big is the class? Is it easy to get to know other people there since it's not on a traditional campus environment? Would you go through it again if you had the choice of going somewhere else? Any insights you have about the program would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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  3. by   booklovinrn
    I am not currently a UAMS student but after changing my mind several times I have decided to start there this May.I know about 5-10 peole who started there last year and so I'll answer with what I know. Most of my friends are happy with the program. I think it is very busy, somewhat disorganized (I seem to hear this about every program though), but basically a good prgram. The instructors seem to be pretty good. Most of my friends are making A's and B's without too much studying as long as they keep up. I have one friend in the honors program, she has managed to make A's in most everything so far. I think most of the lecture classes are large. In the summer I think there could be over 100 in a class but in the fall they divide everyone into 3 groups for specialities. The clinical groups are much smaller 10-12 people.
    Anyway, hopefully you will get some more responses from current students, but I hope that helps some.