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Hi y'all,

I am currently in an LPN program cause I couldn't progress thru the RN program. 

Anyway I will eventually bridge and both the LPN & LPN-RN are at the same, accredited CC (so it will be an ADN).

I have been bummed about not passing the RN program, obviously, but also worried about how much longer it would now take to get BSN (I have a bachelor's and applied to one ABSN but they're so costly and nursing school is really stressful as it is). Mostly bummed cause the articulation agreement we have with the school for RN - BSN would be to apply for BSN after having an RN license OR last semester of RN. 

Anyway, I came across ASU Online that states you can do the BSN while getting your RN, as long as the RN degree is in an accredited institution (which mine is). I have no experience with ASU Online, and the online portion doesn't scare me, as most BSNS of RN-BSNs are online. 

But does anyone know of it? Any experience? Website says BSN is accredited by CCNE which is GREAT but I am paranoid of diploma mills out there

Thank you!

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