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Hello everyone! I would love to hear who got a spot at any of the MCC Spring 2012 programs! Please include your date/time stamp, which school you have been placed at, and what choice that school... Read More

  1. by   Sunflower13
    Hey! Anyone out there that was not initally placed get a spot for January 2012?
  2. by   hurrlybaby
    My stamp is 08:00:58 06/11/2010 I would like to know when someone around my stamp time gets in. I am so sick of waiting.
  3. by   Sunflower13
    My time stamp in 02/19/2010 08:04:58AM and I am at the top of the list to start next semester. I was offered a spot to start tomorrow last week but could not get my life in order in 6 days!!! Depending on your choices and how many people are between Febuary and June you may get in next semester! Fingers crossed for you!
  4. by   nonsensequitter
    posted this in the "waitlist" thread but i'll post it here too.

    i just got called for an opening at phoenix college starting next tuesday 1/17/2012. i had to pass it up. i know, i'm crazy but it just wouldn't have worked out. we're in the middle of moving. i need a replacement for my position at work and 2 business days isn't going to cut it. i would need to go through hell and high water to get everything together by tuesday. it hurt like hell to not take it but it was the right decision for me and my family.

    that said, they mentioned that they were "going down the list" and they had gotten to me (guess i wasn't at the top) and nobody had their level one fingerprint clearance card.

    go get that card, people!
  5. by   hurrlybaby
    nonsensequitter i am sorry for you. i feel like this the same, i am not ready to start the program, i did not solve all the problems i need in order to start it. so what is it going to happen with you? are you going back on the list, will they pick you up for the next semester, or you will have to stay 2 more years on the list? what is the outcome?
  6. by   nonsensequitter
    Oh no. I'll be in this coming Fall. Most likely at Glendale. I heard that PV will not be an option this Fall. I actually have everything I need; in the sense that the rest of the requirements aren't requested until you are actually PLACED in a program. But getting all that done in 1 day would have been impossible (thought it was 2 when I first posted but forgot that Monday was a holiday). It was more about everything else going on in my life. If I had a couple weeks, I would have done it.

    Now, I should know about it well before the start date and have all the info I need to complete all the health and safety stuff, supplemental background check, get books, scrubs, etc....
  7. by   nonsensequitter
    I should clarify that you can actually get all of the other requirements done without being placed. As far as I know, most people don't because they are waiting to get placed and then have everything current and up to date for the program. Now that I know I'll be in this Fall, I'll get it all done asap to avoid any issues.

    Books and everything else still would have been tough to work out. Plus, I missed the orientation day. They didn't contact me til late afternoon.

    Plus, I would have basically walked out on my job. Nursing is my priority but that's not how I conduct myself professionally.
  8. by   hurrlybaby
    nonsensequitter what else needs to be done before one starts the program (books, scrubs, level one fingerprint card) do we need to be tested for hep b? or any other medical tests? please be more detailed if you know. ( i will get in the fall of 2012 too, and gcc is my first option).
  9. by   nonsensequitter
    You do indeed need to be tested for several medical concerns. Visit Maricopa Community Colleges District Nursing Program and click on Requirements for Admission and Background Check Requirements.

    Additionally, once you have been placed, you will be sent a packet with info regarding everything you need to start the program.
  10. by   hurrlybaby
    Is the background check different than the background check done in order to get the level I fingerprint card?
  11. by   nonsensequitter
    Yes. The link to the Background Check Requirements details that information. Click on the Important Announcement link.