When does a new grad become and old grad???

  1. 6 months? 1 year?... It's really not that common these days to find those of us that graduated in 2010 and still don't have an RN job. I think we are going to have to come up with a new term... maybe cashier? or waitress?

    On top of that, we have 100's of new RNs graduating every semester to stand in the bread line with.
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  3. by   rdudley88
    I completely understand!!! I am in the same boat. Very fustrating.....it almost makes me feel like why did we go to school again???
  4. by   AZRNHH
    So sorry. Don't give up though. Health care jobs rise and fall and right now it is a lull, but it will change again. What are you doing right now for work?
  5. by   boru
    most that I know in this situation are doing anything they can for work... ie home health, LTC, immunization clinics, etc... everything is pretty much prn w/ no benefits.

    I know nurses that are still HUCs and PCTs/CNAs and have been out of school almost a year. There have been a hand full of new grad programs start back up this year: mayo, abrazo, pch, to name a few... but there are so many applicants because of the surplus of new grads that every new grad job has 100's of applicants... so it's sort of like hitting the lottery.

    I'm sure it will change... and no one I know is giving up. But there was a wait to get in school (like 2 yrs), then school (usually 2 yrs), now there is a wait after school (hopefully not two yrs!)